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Special Area Classes Zoom meeting

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The special area classes teachers will hold

a ZOOM meeting on

Thursday, September 3rd at 6 pm.

Login information will be posted at


We will start our Virtual Classes on August 31

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Iniciaremos nuestras clases virtuales el 31 de agosto de 2020.

Unit 6 Starts on March 2 for all classess

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This unit is refered to the weather, seasons, the attire, transportation means and the trips.

Check Class story in ClassDojo to see the vocabulary for the unit.

This unit we will do PIXTON as a way to reinforce and demonstrate what is being learn in class.

Unit 2.2

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This week we start the unit 2.2

Second grade will learn about clothing and the colors.

Third grade will learn about the community workers the colors and verb conjugation.

Fourth grade will learn ablut clothing, numbers, conjugation of verbs.

Fifth grade will learn about the household chores and verb conjugation.

In Spanish we are starting Unit 2: Descubre Bolivia

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This unit we will address the following: Week 1-La casa Week 2-La ropa y los colores Week 3-Trabajadores de la comunidad Week 4-De paseo por la comunidad Week 5 Repaso y evaluación (Review- Unit test) - identify rooms in a house by saying where people are. - name clothes and colors by imagining that they are shopping for clothing. - talk about people in their community by identifying workers and saying where they work. - describe where they and others are going and where these places are in their community by reading and understanding a map. - identify vowels at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of words. - learn and practice capitalization and beginning and ending punctuation -use and apply present-tense forms of the verb IR and ESTAR

End of Unit 1 Sept. 16 to 20

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We are ending this week the Unit 1. The students will be assessed this week. They will have a quiz and a Test that includes vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. Remember to take advantage of the resources you have online and also check the weekly practice sheets, notes and exercises in the notebook..

Unit 2:

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Practice the vocabulary daily, we will have periodically quizzes. Be ready. In this unit we are celebrating HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH. We will prepare a special project about a country.

Unit 1: Nos conocemos

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Semana 1: (Week 1) We will learn how to greet and introduce ourselves. Check in the section Extra practice, We have songs and exercises. You also have the Descubre book online though your student portal. Semana 2: (Week 2) We will learn about the family members. Check the resources at Extra-Practice tab "Languages online" topic 9. Also the Descubre Unit 1 week two (Student Portal). Semana 3: (Week 3) We will learn about our friends and descriptive words. Semana 4: (Week 4 ) We will learn to make descriptions. And we will also start to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.


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